Hi, Who referred you to us?

We know the niche player.

We provide unique solutions for unique businesses.


We design and develop interactive courseware and content for e-learning. We maintain utmost quality, meet every criteria and copyright and, as the result, 100 % of our work is exported. The division is operating since 2007 yet it has a no clients in India. Our clientele include some of the industry leaders and the division now works exclusively for them.


When you have a unique business it is often very expensive to customize an eCommerce solution that’s built for general use. Our eCommerce solutions are you-centric. No adjustments, no trade-offs. There’s everything made just for you and you’ll find the costs, reasonable.


The youngest division of us is focusing on both Android and iOS. Mainly focused on our ecommerce and elearning platforms, the division has spare capacity. We are eager to grow and wants to diversify.


Our hosting service is truly client-driven. We host only those clients who demanded us to host them. Many of the features are unlimited while the support is always unlimited. We maintain the quality of our service by keeping it exclusive and not open to public.

We know you when you import virgin coconut oil from Sri Lanka. When you sell it in Ireland. When you want to reach out.

There's little about us, and it's all about you.
Strangely, our about us page asks a lot about you.

But that's how we work. There's nothing about us without you.

Are you the owner of a medium or small business? Do you have an established local business that you'd like open to the world? Does your business domain belong to one of those unique or "strange" types?


For example, do you make genuine leather gun holsters by hand? Do you sell embroidered safety wear? Do you screen print on caps and hats? Does your shop has a laser machine that can etch on crystal and glassware? Maybe you are importing and selling Japanese Katana from your home?

Sure, your business domain is unique and you know what you are doing unlike anyone. Your business will survive as long as you are in the helm too. But, where's the growth potential?

There are buzzwords: target audience, wide reach, exponential growth, trajectory...

We know successful businessmen never rely on buzzwords. We know because we are successful, just like you are.

Here at Ayantege, we grow by making our clients grow. Our glory is built on their prosperity. Our expertise is their future and our solutions are their advantage.

So, that's it. There's little about us. It's more about you.

  • Wannabe division with a dream, and our focus is here. Doing good since 2013.

  • Dedicated division, exporting 100% of it's work, since 2007.

  • Dedicated division, 100% overseas clientele, since 2009.

  • Seriously hosted, for those few who had insisted. Never been promoted, since 2008.

We protect the privacy of our clients, yet we can provide references if needed.

In a typical scenario, setting up an individually-owned eCommerce website for a "strange" business needs a lot of customization and redesign of a standard solution. Hiring a highly-skilled web developer and a web designer together is not cost-effective and often not feasible at all. Consultancy firms usually turn such clients away because such projects are one-off.

This is our niche, this is what we do; we develop professional, full-fledged yet cost-effective eCommerce sites for the niche businesses and we promote and support them.

serious business

We are now a registered LLP, or Limited Liability Partnership.
The statutory name of the firm is Ayantege Solutions LLP.