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Strangely, our About Us section asks a lot about you.
Naturally. There's nothing about us without you.

Ayantege Solutions: Unveiling the Path to Your Success.

Welcome to Ayantege Solutions, where personal warmth and an air of mystery converge to create a truly remarkable business alliance. We believe that our success is intricately connected to yours, making your journey with us extraordinary and precise.

Are you the proud owner of a small business, navigating the intricate paths of entrepreneurship? Or do you possess a keen interest in the captivating world of stocks and currency trading? Perhaps your business domain ventures into the realm of the extraordinary, defying conventions and igniting curiosity.

Within our realm, we celebrate the unconventional.

Imagine specializing in embroidered safety wear, a niche that sets you apart and captivates your audience. Picture entrusting us with the seamless transition of your six TB SQL dump to the realm of NoSQL, ensuring precision and efficiency. Envision the possibilities as an investor who thrives in the captivating world of Algo. And let’s not forget the allure of selling Japanese Katana, where your Instagram account becomes the gateway to a fascinated audience.

At Ayantege Solutions, we cherish your uniqueness and foster its growth.

Our core lies in empowering you to thrive and prosper. As your journey unfolds, we stand beside you, offering the expertise that becomes the cornerstone of your future achievements. Our capabilities grant you an undeniable advantage, solidifying your position in the ever-evolving landscape of your industry.

Embrace the capabilities of Ayantege Solutions. While our About Us section retains its intrigue, rest assured that our unwavering commitment to your precise success shines through every interaction.

Unlock the extraordinary precision with Ayantege Solutions and embark on a path that is uniquely yours.


Provide highest possible quality of work, and meet all deadlines. No excuses, no non-sense.


Deliver and manage world-class solutions for those who run niche businesses.


Unique solutions for unique businesses.




The youngest division of us comes with a dedicated portal: Sparta by Ayantege.
This is a service offered by Ayantege Solutions for a few chosen clients.


The Apps division is offering apps development and deployment exclusively for our clients who have signed up for our other services.


We maintain utmost quality, meet every criteria and copyright. Operating since 2007 yet we have no clients in India; 100% of our work is exported. The clientele includes some of the global industry leaders and the division now works exclusively for them.


Our hosting service is truly client-driven. We host clients by demand only. We maintain the quality of our service by keeping it tailor-made and not open to public.


Personalized to the point we address most of our clients by their first name.

We know the niche player.

We provide unique solutions for unique businesses.

Power Barista

eLearning Solutions

Committed capacity*

Interactive Content

Committed capacity*


Analytics and TA

VPS and Cloud

High availability 


Business audio, video and graphics


Stacks and Apps


Professionals like you are very rare...
Dr C S**
Eminent Scientist and Educationist, RMC. Canada. Client since 2018.
Thanks J, without the support of you and (the) team, this would have been really difficult…
P M**
MD of Australia’s leading e-learning service provider. Cient since 2007.



Started business as Sparta Digital Assets. Received first international project. 


Received first turnkey project for an international e-commerce website with payment gateway. Built a small office building. 


Changed the name to Ayantege Solutions, to reflect the multiple new business strategies. New two-story office building inaugurated.


Converted the firm into a Limited Liability Partnership corporate entity. Successfully weathered through the Pandemic times.  Resurrected the Sparta brand as a service by Ayantege.

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